Equipment Warranty

  • Control4 Equipment has a 2 year direct replacement.
  • Hikvision Equipment has a 2 year direct replacement.
  • Surveillance hard drives have 30 day direct replacement.

Labour and Service Warranty

SASA provides a full parts, labour and service warranty for a full 6 months from date of install on all Control4, Alarm and security equipment provided/installed and programmed by SASA.

After SASA warranty period expires all manufacturer warranty and service calls are subject to regular hourly rates. Service contracts are available. Ask us about them today!

SASA will provide custom user automation which includes:

  • Scene based lighting (equipment dependant)
  • Alarm event triggers (requires SASA alarm system)
  • Doorbell event triggers (equipment dependant)
  • Audio announcements for triggers (equipment dependant)
  • Event push notifications to mobile devices
  • Automated delivery receiving (equipment dependant)
  • Automated entry trigger (equipment dependant)
  • Wake-up and sleep scene

Minor adjustments to the custom user experience will be available for 60 days from date of install.

Major changes to programming may require additional programming fees.

  • Programming features are dependant on hardware installed.

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