Welcome to your electronic lifestyle!

Home automation adds a convenient and simple way to fully enjoy your living space with the touch of your finger or voice command from anywhere. By streamlining all the technology in your home, it offers a lifestyle of comfort and convenience with an ease of use for any age. All customizable to your needs for total home control. We offer solutions for everyone!

What makes SASA unique for you


With every Control4 automation system SASA Sight and Sound Automation has a unique approach to integrating all your audio visual, lighting, security and media products.


Our team is constantly looking for the latest technology to keep our solutions cutting edge. Integrating your electronic world into one system to building custom media servers to deliver uncompromising rich media to your connected home.


Our dedication to delivering a user experience that will WOW our customers. Focused on eliminating cumbersome tasks from your everyday life. Making your home work for you.


With ever changing technologies and improvements there is always room to adapt and evolve. Don’t worry we have you covered.


Your home automation system can command as little or as much of your home as you would like based on your needs. It will allow you to control lighting, alarms, shades, audio visual equipment at the touch of a finger or by voice command.

Energy Savings

Did you leave your lights, TV, music on or forget to turn down the thermostat? Our systems will do all that for you by simply turning them off. We provide peace of mind, that is not only smart but effecient.

Clutter Free

Control ALL your automation from a phone, tablet or controller. No more remotes and controllers all over your house. Wire management also enables no visible wires for a clean look.


Check on your home wherever your are. Receive alerts about doors opening or a leak in your basement directly to your phone, with automated actions like water cut-off if leak detected. Peace of mind while your away.

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