Your home automation system will allow you to command your lighting, blinds, and audio-visual equipment to preset settings for the ultimate living experience. All customizable to your needs for total home control. From lighting, blinds, appliances and electronics, we provide full automation at your fingertips.

Centralized & Smart Lighting

Are you always coming home to a dark house? Pre-set smart lighting will automatically turn on your lights so you will never come home to a dark house again. Motion sensors provide hands-free illumination that will automatically turn off when unoccupied. Control the mood with dimmer light controls for a romantic dinner or movie night with the kids. Eliminate the need for multiple switches in one room with Centralized Lighting. Ask us about it today!

Audio & Visual

Looking for distributed audio-video in your house and backyard, we got you covered. Send the same video source to all TV’s in the house with the touch of a button. Create EPIC game nights. We offer the latest technology for all your audio video needs.

Home Theatre and Media Rooms

Always wanted to have a Cinema experience in your home? Now you can! Enjoy your room with custom lighting, sound and visuals while watching movies, sporting events or amazing video game battles that leave you feeling right in the heart of the action.

Smart Shades and Blinds

Are you forgetting to close the blinds or are there just too many? With automation, you can close or open them all at once or just a specific one with the touch of a button or voice command. Virtually soundless when in operation.

Video Intercom Integration

From anywhere in the world, know what is going on in or around your home. Receive a video call about a delivery or let the service workers in via video confirmation, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Connect to any touchscreen in the house to check on the kids or cleaners.

Universal Remotes & Controls

One remote to rule them all! No need for multiple remotes. You can also control your automated system from you mobile device. Pure convenience and ease of use.


Don’t want people to know that you are away from home? With MOCKUPANCY from Control4, you can program your house to appear occupied by having the lights turn on and off or blinds go up and done at certain times. Deters intruders and keeps your house off target lists for home invaders with pre-set commands while you are away.

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